What you call a person growing a beard.
In the movie Clerks Jay calls a character Grizzly Adams because of his beard.
by WomanBeater August 14, 2006
Similar to the dirty sanchez, with the horrific modifier being the large quantity of feces that is smeared across the victim's face, leaving them with fecal facial hair similar to the famed woodsman from tv's The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams.

I was going to give Amy the dirty sanchez, but I got carried away and by the time I stopped she was left with the grizzly adams....
by Ator February 28, 2008
When you shave your ball sack and keep them in a plastic bag next to your bed, and then when you cum on her face you take a hand full your pubs and throw it in her face.
by Nemo35 April 3, 2008
when your dipping a nice fat chaw of grizzly wintergreen and a girl takes it out of your mouth, puts it in hers and sucks you off until she throws it up all over your dick.
i was so drunk last night this bitch grizzly adams me and it took me days to get the chinch smell off my dick.
by CHIVALRY MCDANIELS December 2, 2011
After a night of heavy drinking when a man wakes up and feels more hairy, sweaty, and manly then he did the night before.

"I'm walking around with my cock hanging out, I am going to be so grizzly adams tomorrow"
by Jarret Kerr November 21, 2007
the process in which a woman or man lets their arm-pit hair grow out, and they let thier partner fuck thier arm-pit.
Man, that bitch was fucking crazy. She made me go Grizzly Adams on her.
by poopface95 June 4, 2005
The taunt beardless little boys use when they try to defend their inability to grow a majestic mane of sexy bearditude.
> Hey, Grizzly Adams, why don't you shave? You're starting to look like a mountain man.
> Someday, you will be a man too you sad, sorry, little boy.
by DerykO'ssuggestion March 14, 2010