To consume so much alcohol that you start heavily slurring words, stumbling around and most likely will end up vomiting.
Fuck I'm outta weed. Looks like I'll be getting sloppy tonight.
by Professor Cummysocks January 5, 2015
A slang term used primarily in southwestern Pennsylvania meaning "to eat sloppy joes".
"I'm so hungry, I can't wait to get home and get sloppy!"

"I can't belive you've had 4 of these sandwiches already, you're really getting sloppy!"
by beflann December 26, 2016
goal for the more patriotic american
i've got an idea, we've all all been working for 'change' but can't do anything about anything so, lets' all get sloppy fat!
by michael foolsley November 24, 2009