3 definitions by Professor Cummysocks

To consume so much alcohol that you start heavily slurring words, stumbling around and most likely will end up vomiting.
Fuck I'm outta weed. Looks like I'll be getting sloppy tonight.
by Professor Cummysocks January 5, 2015
The ramification or consequence that is the post-coital awkwardness that may ensue from fast-tracking with a friend.
Carlos and Derek are super close friends, but as a result of their fast-tracking, when they are alone they often experience uncomfortable slamification.
by Professor Cummysocks July 11, 2017
The act of expediting one's relationship with a friend into the ultimate stage of friendship through homosexual intercourse; usually overseen by a mediator. It is typically performed by two straight men, when one of them is unable to fully understand the other, but doesn't want to wait a lifetime to become best friends with them.
Derek and Carlos were pretty decent friends, until someone told them about fast-tracking; now they're the best of friends.
by Professor Cummysocks March 17, 2017