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The act of having sex or sexual activities with a penis; getting some man candy in your bed; getting some dick.

Said by the receiving end, guy or girl, owner of the mouth, vagina, or booty.
Susie: So are we going to that party you told me about?
Lucy: Hell yeah, I'm getting the D tonight!


Susie: So did you get the get the D from Keith?
Lucy: No, he told me it'd "ruin the friendship" or some bullshit like that.
Susie: Wow what a little bitch.
Lucy: Yeah I know, I just want the D.
by LetMeSeeIt February 12, 2013
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The act of aquiring the male genitalia in any way shape or form. For example if you are feeling anal that is getting the d, so is a d to the eye, ear hole, mouth, throat, puntang, or other.
Friend 1: What did you do after Bob's party.

Friend 2: I got the D!

Friend 1: You were Getting The D! No way how!

Friend 2: That's a secret.
by shaniquaski October 08, 2014
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