The act of getting no hoes on ur dick
Famous People Known For Getting No Bitches: Greg Smith, Micheal Gordon, Zariel, Zariel's Hairline.

Most Famous of All : Luis Figueroa that lives at 160 W Main St, Middletown, NY 10940
by BigDickLou69696969696966969 January 19, 2022
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Insulting somebody because they get no bitches, lacking female interaction. Doesn't matter If they get bitches or not.
Quit talking shit and get some bitches
by visky-lol December 15, 2021
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When u have no females to fuck so your friend named Scott says Get some bitches
“I am having a really bad day

Scott says “get some bitches
by Isack January 15, 2022
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Something that a person says to another person even tho they don't get bitches themselves, this is a very normal thing for a man from vegas to say only because they are starved of pussy. They do NOT know what a bitch is.
by GammerOP January 20, 2022
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a phrase to say to a pussy ass nigga who is gonna snitch
Tyrone: hey want some weed jimmy

Jimmy: im telling

Tyrone: snitches get no bitches LITTLE NIGGA, NOW GET THE FUCK OVER HERE
by JimmyNeuson September 18, 2018
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When a bitch roast you and you roast her so bad she don't know what hit her.
Ali: Ayy. . . wait a minute, is that a rare species of bitch?
Maddy: Wait, did i just see a rare species of bitch ass hoe ass bitch? Oh, no it's just Ali. get rekt bitch.
by Bisexual_unicorn October 01, 2019
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