What someone with a heavy machine gun screams before cutting you down.
The guy on the M249 yelled GET SOME BITCHES!!!!, as he proceeded to destroy everything around himself.
by Shadow_Boxer88646 October 17, 2010
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When a bitch roast you and you roast her so bad she don't know what hit her.
Ali: Ayy. . . wait a minute, is that a rare species of bitch?
Maddy: Wait, did i just see a rare species of bitch ass hoe ass bitch? Oh, no it's just Ali. get rekt bitch.
by Bisexual_unicorn October 01, 2019
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beth-aye shauna. yu' gun get weezy'd wid me ?
shauna-hellll yass.. lez go ! ( :
beth and shauna- get weezy'd bitches !!
by Shauna Marie December 22, 2007
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the phrase called out when a female insubordinate fails recognize what is going on is a certian situation.
Female: Whats flip-cup?
Male: Someone get this bitch a trail-map
by dandydandy1313 December 19, 2010
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It means to have a lot of fun and party hard
"I hope this party isn't boring?"
-"No, we gon' get this bitch rockin!"
by ayee123 May 31, 2011
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