Natalie has a new boyfriend. She will probably get the d tonight.
by UKAmbessedor November 22, 2016
The act of having sex or sexual activities with a penis; getting some man candy in your bed; getting some dick.

Said by the receiving end, guy or girl, owner of the mouth, vagina, or booty.
Susie: So are we going to that party you told me about?
Lucy: Hell yeah, I'm getting the D tonight!


Susie: So did you get the get the D from Keith?
Lucy: No, he told me it'd "ruin the friendship" or some bullshit like that.
Susie: Wow what a little bitch.
Lucy: Yeah I know, I just want the D.
by LetMeSeeIt February 12, 2013
Something said after one pwns the noobs in call of duty. Literally meaning "Get the Dick"
by Mall Grab May 7, 2011

The act of aquiring the male genitalia in any way shape or form. For example if you are feeling anal that is getting the d, so is a d to the eye, ear hole, mouth, throat, puntang, or other.
Friend 1: What did you do after Bob's party.

Friend 2: I got the D!

Friend 1: You were Getting The D! No way how!

Friend 2: That's a secret.
by shaniquaski October 8, 2014
"getting some D" is a nicer less crude way to say "im going to get fucked tonight!"
"Damn,girl, since he left me, I've been bored. I should be getting some D."
by Anniebabyy July 5, 2009
It´s that awkward moment when you´re telling a story & realized no one´s listening, so you slowly fade out & pretend you never said anything.
Bob: Hey so did you see the last episode of the walking dead?
Jack:Yeah it was pretty gnarly.
Mary: Did anyone watch Glee I think its one of the .....
Bob: Lori is such a slut.
Jack:Dont you just hate getting Ken´d
by Jack the zombie July 3, 2012
when someone wants you to get laid, right NOW.
HEY JIMMY, JIMMY, (yeah..?) GET SOME :D (uhh, ok! :D)
by Devin the AMAZING December 20, 2009