Getting a large amount of money
"Did you get the bag for the last job you did?"
by jyuki101 September 22, 2017
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Getting a large amount of money
"I'm about to get a bag tonight"
by jyuki101 September 22, 2017
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Basically means buy a baggy of cocaine or ket
"Oi Joe, get the bags in"
by Moffit Donald January 10, 2018
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To Get a bag, Fill it with dicks, and eat them. A derivative of the term "Eat A Dick", but to be meant to "Eat a Bag" full of them.
Hey bro, you know that douche bag down at the corner mart?

Yeah dude, that guy needs to get a bag!
by Justifiablemeans August 26, 2015
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Detroit slang for getting a bucket, drugs, or a win
Aye we need to win this game. lets get a bag
by Detroitniggaz April 8, 2018
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A term used to denote a propensity to vomit among drinkers
Where's Griffiths? He's gone to get his bag
by Talk to Frank August 20, 2004
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Snorting cocaine that comes in a plastic bag. (Australia)
“Yo Damo, we getting on the bag tonight?”
“Yeah bro, let’s ride the rails!”
by Janikens June 7, 2018
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