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A Warrior and a Protector. Geron makes sure people pay for their actions. Geron is also a genius and outlier; he will look for odd, innovative or non-conventional ways of doing things to get what he wants. Geron is 100% not gay but a man's man. He is extremely loyal to his woman and family and kind and compassionate. Many people are jealous of Geron and always try to put him down behind his back with Gossip, but they find out it is like a crow teasing an Eagle. Geron lives in the moment and has a fast paced mindset. He's an artist at everything he does. He's is fluent at speaking and an excellent conversationalist.
You are blessed if you have a Geron in your life.
by DDecker May 02, 2021
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an aging agent used to age people in suspended animation
Coined in reference to Geron Corporation in China Miéville's novel Embassytown: "On that journey to Embassytown, Scile had had his sopor amended, spiked with gerons so he would age while under. It's an affecting gesture, to ensure that the sleep of travel doesn't keep you young while your working partner grows older."
by Kiminoa July 05, 2011
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He is an adorable person, beautiful inside and out, and he can make you laugh first time you talk to him. Someone is waiting for you and wants to be with you even for just a day.

Sometimes he's a hoe and a bitch.

a dangerous man/won is loving you.
Geron is an adorable person which makes me smile all the time
by six thirty June 07, 2021
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