The coolest substitute teacher on earth! He tells many "real" stories of his life to his students. He is now working on an autobiography of his life!
I want Mr. Gerde as our sub!

Gerde power!

That story was definitely from Gerde!
by gerdebirdy October 30, 2013
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A substitute teacher who can summon the whole univerise into the tip of his pencil while taking tiny sips from his coffee
Absolute zero is very powerful. If we were to make the tip of this pencil have absolute zero the whole universe may be sucked in, gerde said.
by William Taylor February 13, 2007
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The substitute who you never know if he will tend to your class. Has a styrofoam cup filled with who knows what. Likes telling stories with absolutely no relation to class. These include stories about: his cats, salt, his cats, his cats, and other things. He has a sac on his neck. I assume its filled with stories or mabye it opens up and unleashes a fiery inferno when he is mad.
Calvin walks into class, "oh... my... GERDE!!!"
by Thatguydodo June 02, 2019
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Girl nerd. A girl that does things typical of a boy that has tape rotting on his eyeglasses.
That gerd chews her pencils and takes forever to get off the class computer.
by Caroline Wiewiorowski February 24, 2005
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noun: A hybrid of "geek" and "nerd"
He's such a gerd! (lalalala)
by C March 31, 2005
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A substitute word for either God or good. Can be used in any and all situations.
Oh my gerd!!!!!! That game is gerd!!!
by bergability November 30, 2010
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Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease. When your stomach acid decides that it wants to crawl up in your throat and erode your insides.
"What was that noise?"
"That was GERD in my throat babe"
by Roger Collins June 24, 2005
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