Getting trapped in a lengthy coversation with someone who will not stop talking.
Wife: Why are you so late?
Husband: I was trying to leave, and I got georged.
by Digilla January 10, 2013
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When a guy tries to break up with his girlfriend but is unable to do so because she is against it.
Costanza has gotta man-up, he keeps getting georged by Maura
by HR2011 July 13, 2011
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To shamelessly take advantage of someone in a bet or wager... in particular, to create a situation so complex as to bewilder and befuddle the unwitting victim of the impending crime -- all the while pretending that the situation is practically unfair in the other direction.
George really Georged the shit out of Frank to the point where he was completely Franked.
by xyz999 December 04, 2013
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To be completely fucked, beyond repair, 100% unusable. In reference to an item that the owner has attempted to repair or modify themselves.
"Man, Oli tried to fix his PC power supply and now the whole things completely georged!"
by Olitennyson March 25, 2008
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