Are uber-easy, all the time.
Random d00sh: omg lyk dat test was ez.
Ed: ...Your mother was easy.
by Leiko October 06, 2004
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Almost the same as described in definition 1, unless you plan on studying geography in college. Definitely not a test that's as easy as it sounds.
Person 1: "That geography test couldn't have been that hard, could it?"

Person 2: "Seriously, that test was a lot more than knowing capitals and coloring countries in."
by c.eliz March 24, 2010
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Observing which toppings another person puts on a hotdog, in order to discover that person's geographic origins. Can also be used to determine that person's level of taste, culture, and culinary refinement.
Results of such a test can be skewed if the person being observed puts enough toppings on their hotdog that a hotdog cornucopia results.
I can tell Dan doesn't hail from Chicago. I did a hotdog geography test while we were out, and I noticed he ordered his with ketchup on it.
by The Fourth Man in the Tub February 27, 2011
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