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A bad ass, a legend, a warrior. An interventionist. A role-model, a leader. The greatest of beings.
Person A : Hey man what were you up to today?
Person B : I was too busy being Geno.
by Genormous May 7, 2013
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An extremely stupid game, consisting of one person farting, then quickly saying 'Afety' before the other person can say 'Doorknob'. If the other person says 'Doorknob' within that small window of time,they can punch the aforementioned person in the arm, without any retaliation, until that person touches a doorknob.
<Poot!> "Doorknob!"
"Ow! Quit hittin' me!"
"You Gotta touch a doorknob!"
"Allright, fine, whatever."
That's a door HANDLE! It has to be a KNOB!" etc...
-Afety Metrics
by Genormous June 14, 2022
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