best Pokémon in existence, if you don't like Gengar you are not ok and you need to go to a insane asylum.
by GengarMaster March 14, 2023
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a kickass Pokémon that knows a variety of moves but if you are a loser virgin you cant get this Pokémon except using your mothers credit card to a get a Gameboy,gameboyadvance,ds,3ds and a used copy of Pokémon
loser: please someone trade

loser : please

loser: no gengar for me

stranger : wow you geek get alive nobody likes Pokémon anymore the next hip thing is getting laid lol
by virginityzzzz February 28, 2017
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1. A word meaning something very exciting, interesting, entertaining, or will lead to a drunken stupor. Similar to the word clutch or radical.

2. A Pokemon, number 94. This pokemon is of the ghost type, it evolves from Haunter (the final evolution of Ghastly) only through the use of a Gameboy cable link. Sidenote: Pokemon is still for fags.
Bro 1 : Dude you hooked up with Latoya last night, right? I saw you mackin' on that bitch.
Bro 2 : Oh yeah man, last night was SO gengar, you know?
Bro 1 : No bro... I don't know. What the fuck is gengar, isn't that some pokemon?
Bro 2 : Yeah! Well, no. Not really. It's kind of like clutch, you know?
Bro 1 : Right... clutch. You know, that never caught on either.
by Ginger Nut May 29, 2007
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The uttermost racist word you could possibly use against anybody. Referred to as the “PG” word.
by TheCeoOfRacism July 26, 2019
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1 1/2 ounces Chambord Black Raspberry liqueur
1 ounce pineapple juice
1 can of ginger ale
Pack of fresh of frozen raspberries

Dash of aromatic bitters


Martini glass
(Optional) Strainer


Add 5 or so raspberries to the shaker and follow it with 1 1/2 ounces of Chambord and 1 ounce of pineapple and begin mulling them until they are to your liking. Now shake for 20 - 25 seconds. After doing so strain them (or not) into your martini glass and top off with ginger ale. Top off with your aromatic bitters and Enjoy.
"Hey bri you wanna go home with me and make a Gengar Ale?"

"That sounds perfect right now bro."
by Michelangelo Send February 3, 2023
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the act of hiding in someones closet and waiting for them to fall asleep, once asleep, you put on a glow in the dark purple onezie and jizz on their lips, (either lips work) then once they realize and wake up you scream, "Gengar, Gengar!"
girl 1: hey whats wrong you seem distressed

girl 2: i think i just got Gengared last night (past tense of Gengaring)
by The Definererer October 12, 2023
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