Gekyume is a Fucking dragon ball z character who died out, and XXXtentaction took the name and made it into a definition. HE DIDNT COME UP WITH THE FUCKING WORD GEKYUME
Where did gekyume come from
by Brennan Adams January 26, 2019
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Word created by xxxtentacion
Definition (noun): a “different state” or “nextuniverse of thought.
I’m all alone dazed in a gekyume.
by Shooter905 March 30, 2018
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Gekyume (GEK-yoom)-CS:GO term
1. gekyume, v. to kill an enemy in such a way that they have no chance of fighting back.

2. gekyume, adj. noob, hacker, generic insult directed at another CS:GO player.
3. gekyume, Proper noun. Another name for Bombsite B in the map Cache
1. (eg. "Oh no, he is going to gekyume you! You are going to get gekyumed!")
2. (eg. "Purple, you are such a gekyume!")
3. (eg. "One is mid, the other two are at gekyume.")
by FurryCombatWombat February 09, 2019
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A word invented by XXXTentacion, used to signify sheer greatness of somebody or something in every aspect. It can also describe a state that you can achieve, similar to zen.
Most of the time, I’m in the next gekyume, so people don’t understand me.
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1. A word made by XXXTentacion meaning a “different state” or “next” universe of thought.

2. When you let go of the self-identity created by your conditions and environment, and create yourself.
1. I’m in the next gekyume of thinking.

2. XXXTentacion created himself by shedding all hateful, negative, unproductive thoughts, leaving in his mind only those that would lead to the reality he wanted, he became Gekyume.
by 11L11 June 28, 2018
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Xxxtentation's son. most famously known for the memes that have been created using his name Gekyume, witch sounds alot like Gay cum, meaning the semen of a homosexual male. Everyone is also lining up to watch Gekyume's circumcision and hopefully get a peice of his foreskin.
" Yo bro, did you get a taste of Gekyume's foreskin yet?"
"No man, i didn't get to take a bite"
by bigblackcook69 February 20, 2019
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