How people in Westlake say I don't care
Yee:"Hey Justin, my sister just broke up with her exboyfriend"
Justin: Bet noi domfk I don't geev
by WE EDUCATE FOE EDUCATE December 22, 2017
Adjective - Not being able to care less in general or about a certain topic, job or situation. Not feeling interest in general. Could also be a type of mood. Often used when you have a certain responsibility that you should be devoted to, but instead have lost the will to give any concern for.

Usually occurs after repeated attempts to correct something or better a situation that one has ultimately decided cannot be corrected or made better as a result of bureaucratic involvement or an asshole boss.

Alcohol and drugs lead to an increased level of geeving.

When a person or group "geeve" more than hard, it is commonly referred to as "next-level geeving". For example, a person could geeve. A person would geeve more by "geeving hard" and lastly a person would geeve extraordinarily by "next-level geeving".

When a person is next-level geeving, they have either done something so lazy that words can barely describe it, or they are as useless as a non-working pen in the shape of a syringe in the middle of South Africa.
Fab is geeving. Tony is geeving more than Fab. Tyler geeves hard and Joe is next-level geeving.
by FunnyMisty December 28, 2016
Couldn't care less.

Don't give a shit.

Leave me alone.

Fuck off.

Happy Thanks Geeving.
Ohhh my gawwwd, I'm geeving to be here today.

Have you seen Edith today? She looks like she's geeving.
by tootsoonie1 July 15, 2010
1. Having no particular interest or concern; apathetic: geeve about the sufferings of others
2. Having no marked feeling for or against: She geeved about their proposal
3. Not mattering one way or the other: I geeve which outfit you choose
4. Characterized by a lack of partiality; unbiased: a geeving moderator
5. Not active or involved; neutral: guests of this site geeve
One who "geeve"s; Often heard to utter the word "meh", type *shrugs shoulders.
by Tom February 26, 2003
a word originating from chaminade college in toronto: to not care; to geeve
joe: bro i got this job and i have to work from 3-10 and...
mike: bro geeving, shut up


mike: bro my girlfriend broke up with me i'm going to have an emotional breakdown
joe: geeve!!
by Michael De Persis November 2, 2006
CHRISTINA:can you go to land on saturday?
ALICIA:i donno i gotta ask my dad
CHRISTINA:what if your dad says no?
ALICIA: I GEEVE i'll go anyways.
Don't care, What ever, Leave it alone, Move on, Get over it.
Love me? Mint
Hate me? Even better
Guess what? I geeve largely
by Amanda Sasso August 2, 2006