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geek·end n.

1. A weekend spent alone in front of a computer or similarly engaging creative tool.

2. A digital barn raising, bringing together enthusiastic individuals to collectively create novel technologies, start digital brush fires and have (geek) fun.
Billy: Hey Simon, how was your geekend?
Simon: Great, I played Starwars Galaxies nonstop from Friday night until Sunday night!
by Godly November 07, 2004
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Weekends in which friends get together and participate in activities seen as 'nerdy' or 'geekish' when in fact are insanely fun. Normally held in secret to avoid social exclusion from other members of society, or to prevent overcrowding at such events. Participants will not speak of these events outside their own friend group, and can be the source of many inside jokes. Many examples of these are shown in media, although are not recognised often as 'geekends'. For example, in Jim Carrey's Yes Man Norm holds a Harry Potter party in which everyone must come dressed as their favourite character from the books, and participants hold a Potterthon.
Person 1: Holding a geekend tonight at my house, how about it?
Person 2: Do you need me to bring my Star Wars box set?
Person 1: Already provided my friend.
by thenuggetshapedrobot April 06, 2011
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usually everyweekend; a weekend full of drug and alcohol use
I got weed, liquor, and some x, let the geekend begin!!!!!
by B-East January 19, 2007
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