Clothing or accessories that are very geeky/nerdy and yet, at the same time, says "I'm cool because I'm proud of the fact that I'm a nerd, and am not afraid to dress the part".
"Why are you wearing a pen with pocket protector? That's so geeky!"

"Hey, it's practical. Let people think I'm a nerd - I am! It's geek chic!"
by Marc Lipschultz June 3, 2005
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Someone who is cool, trendy, smart dress sence, set trends that others follow. Being a geek has alywas been bad but now you addd chic to it and hey presto you got COOL. dare I say sophicated! being a geek is one thing but being Geek Chic is another.

Well dressed, handsome, and wears designers glasses toat look like a geek... You geek the point and chic you put them together and you get geek chic!
by POS March 1, 2006
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Dress almost identical to hipsters but verge more towards being into comic books, pop culture, technology, etc. rather than hipsters who are more into poetry, brooding, and generally being pretentious.
Person #1: Hey, do you see that Hipster reading X-men on his iPhone?

Person#2: Yeah but that guy's totally geek chic, not a pretentious hipster.
by OliTheInfamous July 1, 2010
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An obvious oxymoron, 'geek chic' emerges from oxygen deprived hallucination in which geeks evolve into actual existence as a sort of technocracy radiating the holy aura of cool. You will find no more crushing an argument against geek chic than Bill Gates, who despite being the richest man in the world sports an apparent $5 coiffure and birth control glasses.
"You speak of geek chic, let let he who amongst you has an actual example of it speak now."---- Jesus Christ c 23 A.D.
by Mo Dixley August 10, 2005
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Created by a student at Penn State, this phrase refers to some one (usually a male) who sports a "geek" look, but wears it well. While it can refer only to the overall look, it more appropriately refers to someone who not only sports a geeky-hot look, but is also very intelligent.
"Wow, check out that linguist. He is sooooo geek-chic with those rectangle frames."
by Katie Holmes February 18, 2005
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Geek chic is a cynical marketing trend that tries to tap into the large geek demographic by superficially adding generically geeky elements to otherwise non-geeky people. By wearing glasses, carrying the latest Sharper Image gadgets, and casually dropping computer terminology and Star Trek references in their speech, geeks are supposed to believe these same models and actors/actresses that would never consider them in real life is a "cool" version of themselves. Obviously, only the most naive geeks fall for this.
Warner Bros. sure is cynical to expect us to find the geek chic added to Clark Kent in Smallville plausible when the actor was an underwear model.
by NumberTwentyTwo May 2, 2008
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adj. Geek chic describes someone who is essentially a hot nerd. Ironic glasses, pocket protectors, comic books, etc are all trends found with geek chic people. Difference between a geek chic and a hipster is hipsters are more on the poetry reading emo side, while geek chic people enjoy comic-cons and what not.
"Look at Seth Cohen. He makes pocket protectors look soooooo HOT."

"Yeah, he brings geek chic to a whole new level.
by shygrl16 January 3, 2010
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