A good looking, yet aloof girl who is consistently guarded when a man shows interest. She will give the impression of mild interest, even go out on dates with a man she is not that interested in, and then run at the first sign of genuine pursuit. On rare occasions, the man is able to catch her interest anyway.
I thought I was getting somewhere with that girl, but turns out she was a gazelle.
by verchick2000 May 2, 2010
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A) A female gymnast
B) a physically active female teen that can do splits, or just any supple female.
I'd rather not date a Gazelle def a)
by Sexydimma February 18, 2022
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That one driver who drives just a little bit slower than the drivers ahead of and behind him or her that provides you the opportunity to bypass a long line of traffic to get in the lane you need, kind of like a shortcut. It's similar to how a lion will search a pack of gazelles to find the "weak" link to take advantage.
Instead of waiting in the busy lane for a mile, I drove alongside it and found my gazelle three-quarters of the way down. I cut my drive time by a few minutes.
by Joe Chip January 7, 2020
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long legged, gorgeous sparkling, soft, exhilerating body of a woman. Usually walks in the wind to cool her neck.
That gazelle's skin is so soft it sparkles naturally.

Gazelle made it to the big screen.
by hardygoodfellow December 10, 2009
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A gazelle is a term to describe a male who is quite feminine in terms of appearance or posture. May or may not be homosexual.
1. That guy down the street is a total gazelle

2. Fanboy from the show Fanboy and Chum Chum
by xjustpushplay July 26, 2010
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To drag one's ball sack across another's face, from chin to forehead.
He Gazelled across her face as if t'were an African Sveldt.
by Mr. Deep Burnington July 15, 2009
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A girl who thought she had friends but then figures out she has nobody act perfectly fine in front of people, but no one sees her at 3:46 when she is crying
Dang she is a total gazelle
by Mr.lonley August 16, 2019
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