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A specific variety of the friendzone, where a female designates a male as her gay best friend, despite that the male is not gay and is in fact sexually interested in her.
We were in her dorm watching Twilight and I was about to grab her boob when she asked me if I thought that Edward or Jacob was hotter, and in that moment I realized that I had been put in the gayzone.
by David Davidson II July 25, 2010
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Like the friend zone, except that the man or woman of interest believes that you are gay rather than simply considering you a platonic friend. Note that the possibility of sexual interest is not completely diminished in this zone, just very, very unlikely.
Man 1: I was talking to that hottie Jane today and she said that I should ask John out on a date.

Man 2: Looks like you just got gay zoned, my friend.
by Zone Eater February 10, 2010
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much like the friendzone, the gayzone happens when the person of interest assumes that you are gay and treats you as if you're a friend, when you're actually attracted to them and have been trying to show that you like them. happens especially to bisexual people. may talk about their ex's or their crushes with you, making you feel even shittier about yourself.
"i have a crush on john but he talks about olivia and how hot she is to me, im pretty sure he gayzoned me"

"i told rick that he was hot and he asked if i was straight, i love being gay zoned!!!!"
by no snitchin April 19, 2018
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This can be an adjective meaning "shitty" or "weak", and can also be a noun named after the ficticious place where pansy-ass pussies reside.
"That blowjob that Lynner gave me last night way fucking gayzone!"


"I think Bennett forgot his penis back in the Gayzone..........smoke this doobie ya pussyyyyyyyyyyyyy!"
by Getou Tathere February 18, 2005
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When a person who is gay/lesbian is friendzoned by another gay/lesbian.
Sarah: Dude, Becky put me in the Gayzone
by yeahthebois December 30, 2018
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