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Gayla is a happy and joyful spirit who wants to make people laugh. She is usually a very bubbly person with many friends and is popular. She also is very smart and pretty. She's nice and caring and looks for the best in people. She try's to include everyone and hopes that everyone is happy and has a good time. She also is good at sports and is athletic and fit.
Girl: Did you see that one girl in math class?
Guy: Yeah! She's really nice and funny. I think her name is probably Gayla.
Guy two: Are you guys talking about that girl Gayla? Man she's hot and has like the best body and ass.
Guy: I wish I could date a girl like her
by itsnikki2568 April 20, 2018
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\ga(y)-luh'\ n. a lively, high-spirit antic preformed for others in an effort to make them laugh;

n. an action to produce laughter and reduce tension in a group setting.

Origin: Middle English gai, lighthearted, brightly colored, from Old French, possibly of Germanic origin.
Every time his friends began to argue, Joe would pull a gayla, pretending to fall down so as to lighten the mood.
by okayjorge9116 February 03, 2010
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Gayla is the tease name used for Layla.
As most names are transfered into funny or offensive tags, Layla is reffered to as Gayla.
Ben = Bengay.
Layla = Gayla.
by lickmaideo January 02, 2007
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an event characterized by homosexuality
"How was the gala last night?"

"I got hit on by dudes."

"My bad. How was the gayla last night?"
by sammy delonte February 27, 2008
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