Someone who is/acts gay.
Someone who is gay and an ass
Random gay guy: That guy is hot!
Normal guy: Shut up gay ass
by sharks445 August 02, 2011
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Some one who has a gay ass.
In other words someone whose ass is gay
You're such a gayass!
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Anything, especially in relation to loopholes and constitutional law, that is any one or multiple of the following: stupid, unreasonable, unjust, overly specific, minute, ridiculous, absurd, pointless, crazy, irrational, illogical.
Bro, what the fuck is up with this "gay-ass" loophole. Totally not cool.
by legalsuperstar731 November 24, 2011
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a statement made towards a person/thing to show disrespect
also know from the youtuber/stream jschlatt named his horse in minecraft
carson:what did you name your horse?
Schlatt:they call him gayass
by Trulyepicgamer69 July 15, 2020
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