A male who likes a male. its love, stop being such a hypocrite.
man: i'm a gay man
other person: i accept you
by About2ragequit November 11, 2020
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Coined by Sex and the City. While a gay straight man is an overcultured straight man (a metrosexual), a straight gay man is just a gay man who watches sports and won't fuck you.

The difference is sort of that between crayola's green-blue (blue with a green tint) and blue-green (green with a blue tint).
Hopefully he's a gay straight man and not a straight gay man.
by copperboom May 8, 2007
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when a man wears a thick silver ring, preferably with a wavy imprinted design, on his middle, pointer or thumb
Wow look at that guy's gay man's ring. He is either the lead singer in creed or poorly mistaken.
by jabone November 28, 2012
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When the long, hard, wooden handled toilet plunger is put into the toilet bowl, and left to stick straight up into the air.
As Billy the blind kid wandered in to the restroom at pizza hut, he sat down to find quite a surprise. He had just discovered the gay man's toilet.
by cuntpunter69 September 29, 2009
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