Two dicks in the ass one dick in the pussy.
Guy talking to 2 other male friends: Hey, let's give her the chauffer tonight.
by Nick christensen August 11, 2021
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1. A work shift where a co-worker schedules you the exact same shift as themselves or another co-worker so that it conviently works out for them that you can give them a ride to and from work.

2. This usually occurs when co-workers have no car or their driving privlages have been suspended so the person with the chauffer shift is guilt tripped into going out of their way to pick them up and take them home. Only rarely are they offered gas money for their generosity, it is just expected of them.
Emily: "Hey, you and I just happen to have the exact same shift as each other tomorrow, I didn't realize I did that when I wrote the schedule. Crazy."

Jessica: "Yep."

Emily: "Well since we're going in at the same time is it cool if you swing by and pick me up on your way to work?"

Jessica: Sighing..."Yeah, I guess so." Sigh "Damn chauffer shifts." (mutters under breath)
by 12548SSSS May 10, 2011
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