A wrinkly, saggy, middle aged, jobless whore who peaked in the 80s and thinks just because she owns a pair of leather boots and a gimp mask, that she’s better than anyone else who attempts to learn more about the bdsm fetish.
Sandra is a real Domme Gatekeeper, she belittles other dommes and is the reason the community is rotting away. She ought to get a grip, she’s 42 and her kids are fed up of having to hold the camera whilst she pretends to whip it and calls it a ‘sissy slut’.
by georgiaskinny March 19, 2021
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Useless pieces of shit who need special rights, privileges, and collective societal preferential treatment to even complete with people you consider yourself too good to fuck.
Hym "If by 'Gatekeepers' you mean 🖕 that... Then, yes. You're correct. That's not what I mean when I uses the word. But sure...."
by Hym Iam August 15, 2023
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GATEKEEPER..An African American male or female, who openly advocates for white supremacy by obstructing, identifying and criticizing other progressive blacks. The intent is to gain favor with whites in higher positions, in other to secure praises and block other troublesome blacks from upsetting white dominance.
Gatekeeper...Man his a "Gatekeeper" never likes to see any black people doing good always blocking but always praising white folks.
by Lesotho7 March 7, 2022
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Tim is such a Gatekeeper he tells me i'm a Poser even though I'm literally listening to the Band and know almost all of their songs
by sooouuup July 23, 2020
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A group of people that stop or disrupt sexual acts from happening.
Hey man. It was a great time, until those gatekeepers that live across the street were just standing there. Just watching me go down on Nicole.
by Jimyee97 September 13, 2023
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A gatekeeper is a selfish person who keeps songs from other people just so they can feel special and keep the songs for their own personal enjoyment.
Quandale: Yo bruh what is this song called?
Jake: I ain’t tellin u.
Quandale: Bruh u a L gimmie the song name.
Jake: No.
Jordan: the song is called (insert song name)
Quandale: preciate it bro, I’m finna bump dis all night.
Jake: Bro Jordan why did you tell him the song name???
Jordan: Cuz I’m not a Gatekeeper like you

In this situation Jake is a Gatekeeper
Don’t be like him :)
by fxdeunknxwnn March 31, 2022
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