Person A: I suffer from depression. I am in the middle of getting it treated.

Gatekeeper: you are not suffering from depression. You don't even have anything to be depressed about.

Person A: Are you gatekeeping depression?

Gatekeeper apologist: no they are not gatekeeping, You are just lying about your illness.
by Psychedelia November 22, 2020
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A wrinkly, saggy, middle aged, jobless whore who peaked in the 80s and thinks just because she owns a pair of leather boots and a gimp mask, that she’s better than anyone else who attempts to learn more about the bdsm fetish.
Sandra is a real Domme Gatekeeper, she belittles other dommes and is the reason the community is rotting away. She ought to get a grip, she’s 42 and her kids are fed up of having to hold the camera whilst she pretends to whip it and calls it a ‘sissy slut’.
by georgiaskinny March 19, 2021
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