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Not to be confused with the "Kentucky Bubbler", the Kentucky Plug is a modern ballistic variant which is typically performed by oneself in a seated position. The individual utilizes one or both thumbs and a large amount force to initiate an unexpected explosion in which no real satisfaction is achieved.
It was a slow Tuesday, until I turned on YouTube and watch a tutorial on the Kentucky Plug.
by firstHIT May 20, 2021
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Garry Newman (@garrynewman on Twitter), is an original & key developer for a number of games for Facepunch studios. One of his more commonly known games "Rust" is his primary release for his artistic version of trolling in which he allows players to build up bases, hopes & dreams before crushing them all on a routine server wipe schedule. Whether animals, exploits, or hackers prepare your anus as you will inevitably be cucked.
1. Fucking Garry.
2. What the fuck Garry?!?
3. Good idea Garry! (Used as sarcasm in this sentence)
4. I was Garry'd. (Used as an adjective describing an event.)
by firstHIT July 15, 2017
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