guy with a big heart and penis. Known to be a player but for the right girl he could be serious. He is hard on himself always striving to be the best. Has a strong connection with a certain girl but is afraid to act on it!
There is no love like Garron's love!
by lizzyboo245 February 03, 2010
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Slang for "I garronTEE", what the gator from the old school TMNT would always say. Such as in this video:

Does not necessarily mean "I guarantee". Is normally used out of context, such as a replacement for "OK" or "yes".
Paul: Yo man, I just crop dusted his ass.
Nathan: garron

Nathan: Did you watch that video where the snake barfs out a hippopotamus?
Paul: garron
by mrpaul February 27, 2009
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Argentine Slang.
when an specific situation sucks.
i went out to this guy, he was so boring the date was a garron!

Nobody went to the party, it was a total garron

I'm back to college, what a garron!

Que garron man!!
by almery August 26, 2007
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Slang for "penis" or "cock", namely, the shaft of the penis.
Mexican penises can be referred to as Senor Garrons, which sounds similar to "seen-your garrons"
"Man, that guy has a big garron."

"I know, it was in my ass last night."

by HotChickie May 29, 2008
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