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Garnette is a name derived from the word Garnet which is a dark red crystal. This is a name that belongs to the most wonderful girl you can ever meet. A kind of girl superior to the rest; the most awesome, most beautiful girl in the world (Well.... in my opinion anyway). She is caring, loving and so so smart. She's the one person that will be there for you anytime that you need her, the one who's laugh can make your day, the one who's smile just makes you a little happier, the one who can always make you laugh coz she's just so naturally funny, even when she doesn't mean to be. She is amazing at sports (especially basketball.... coz that's like her favourite sport). Sometimes she may be a little tense and can be very intimidating, but it is only to the ones who don't treat her well. She is a spontaneous, awesome, person. She is extremely hyper and it can be a bit hard to keep up with her but the effort is always worth it. Very lovable, you can't hate her no matter how much you try. Deffinitely very random. Fun person to be around. She is someone you can hold tight and truly care for, because she makes you feel special, because she loves you. And sometimes I can treat her in a way that may make her think that I don't care but that can never ever happen because she is the bestest friend a girl can have and i don't whether or not she knows but I love her so so so much♡♥♡♥♡
Michael: Who's that awesome girl that came over here last night?

Zachary: Oh yeah... That was Garnette..
by JeamieLovesYOU♡♡ October 04, 2015
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