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A mysterious big black ball in a room where people that just died unite. This ball, known as Gantz, controls their lives by telling them to hunt down aliens. Gantz soon gives them weapons and gear to get ready to hunt down the aliens and takes the people in that room to another area where they encounter the alien.
Gantz said my tits are to big.

Gantz said I am a homo, but it's not true.
by Sata Andagi June 01, 2004
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Gantz is a sick and twisted game involving a handful of random people who were just about to die when the black orb (named Gantz) pulled them into it's alternative reality. Their first mission is to hunt down and kill green onion aliens living in the real world. Gantz equips them with x-ray guns and black suits, sets 60 minutes on the clock, and sends them on their way.

In the real world, the players are invisible to humans and are trapped within the boundary of the playing field. If they stray too far off course, it's game over for them. Their mission is to complete whatever task Gantz gives them or die trying.
"Your lives are now over, you bastards. What you do with your new lives is for me to decide." _ GANTZ
by BlackhoodieAFU June 05, 2006
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Gantz is a black orb with a man inside of it in a locked room located in Japan. Usually up to ten people who die in unison appear there to be given a second, yet, impossible chance of life. Gantz is a supposed game and in order to win it you must do as it tells you. After being told your task, and after being given tools to perform it, you are sent to another part of the world to complete it. The task is revolved around killing an alien or aliens that can sometimes be impossible to kill without great skill. The more targets you kill, the more points you get that prepare you for the future. After completing your mission, if you're still alive, you are transported back to the room you were once in, your wounds are healed, and are told your score. If you eventually reach the mark 100 or + then "something" will happen. While in the mission zone, if you carelessly walk off then you will die of what seems to be an explosive in your head, and so fourth you loose the game. Also Gantz has given the ones who died in unison a second chance of life and can do whatever he wishes to you at that point, so a recommendation would be NOT to piss him off because he can manipulate the minds of others to, with all their heart, want to kill you.
Kei:"Gantz stop ****ING AROUND WITH ME!!!"

Gantz:*gives off visions to others as their greatest hatred*

Random character: "No...NO STAY BACK!!! I'LL SHOOT YOU PEDOBEAR!!!" *shoots*
by The man who has typed this February 05, 2010
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Gantz refers to an outcome of a (horrendous) dart throw, in which the dart strikes the board but deflects, landing on the ground for 0 points.
J.D. was losing terribly to Tyrone, so it didn't really matter that his final dart gantzed and fell to the floor.
by froggy22 November 06, 2017
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