To describe that something is dirty, unpleasant or gruesomely disgusting.

Ganky Gankiest
Who's been in this fucking toilet as there's the most dench, gank shit in here?!
by Rasta-clat-farian October 26, 2018
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percise stabbing of a retarded individual who has no clue what there purpose in life is.
by maximumdamage September 30, 2018
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A word used to describe a rude, mean, or unpleasant person
Jade”dude get away from boyfriend I don’t want him to smell like you all day”
Torijade don’t be such a ganke he isn’t just yours you know”
by February 7, 2022
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When something gets stolen or you’re so fucked up you’re identity is stolen
Dude Nellie was so ganked last night she fucked 9 guys
by Kkdya April 21, 2018
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guy1. that bitch jake ganked my pencil
guy2. its cool tho i got his pens
by xzyies June 19, 2019
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Originally from the Sony Online Entertainment multiplayer online game launched in 1997 and available until 2010 called Tanarus. It was a game of 6 players per side in various tanks of their choosing, fighting in complex areas for either total annihilation, points or capture the flag. Players could communicate with their team and when one player was isolated and was attacked by more than one tank they would shout in group chat for example "help I am being Gang Tanked in sector one." Gang Tanked later evolved into "Ganked" as it was easier to type fast i.e. "Ganked sec 1!" It is now synonymous with being attacked by two or more when alone in a MMPORPG.
Ganked sec 1!
by urban jack January 3, 2020
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