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How the bodegas in Hartford refer to a needle, rig or syringe. One gancho costs one dollar.
Hey papi, I need a ganch.

I'm so sick, but until I can cop a gancho this dope is all but worthless.
by Arm and Hammer November 09, 2009
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When some gets hooked on Coke. The difference with Gancho as to other forms of addictions, is once a person is Goncho they will never quit.

**A clear indication that one is Gancho. Observe the nostrils for small white flakes, Quick reflexes and an undaunted determination to grab their next score.
++It is also customary to add the word Rock to the Gancho's persons name.

Ex: Name-Rock; She-Rock He-Rock
Hey do you remember He?
Yeah, how's He doing?
Nombre Dude He's Gancho, smh...
Damn bro that guy is never going to quit.
by TheLiesWeTellOurselves September 23, 2020
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