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How some gamers stay thin.
Consists of playing games until one develops the shakes. then getting up grabbing enough food to allow you to continue playing and heading back to the game.
Said gamer usually only consumes food once per day on this diet.
dude did you hear jake lost 15 pounds last week on the gamer diet!
by that guy that games December 23, 2010
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A diet consisting of nothing but snack foods, like potato chips or trail mix, and soda or energy drinks. Usually for long or extended periods of gaming such as online tounaments.
John just bought that new Modern Warfare game and decided to go on a Gamer Diet, I havent seen him in a week.
by Kai_Kurai13 January 01, 2010
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When a hardcore gamer goes 24+ hours without eating (or eating next to nothing), simply because he/she is too engrossed in their gaming to remember to eat. One could try to compare this to an eating disorder like anorexia, but it is more like forgetting to eat instead of a mental disorder. The opposite of this is called 'Gamer Gluttony'.
After playing video games all of spring break, Robin was emaciated from his Gamer Diet.
Zoe made pancakes after realizing she had been Gamer Dieting for five days.
Diet Gaming Hardcore Gamer Gamer Gluttony
by TheBaldMonk May 30, 2016
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