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A website that has its origins since 2001 but recently has been takin over by stupid 14 year olds who think they have the knowledge to run a website and has gone to the gutter.
Poster 1 - Gamebattles use to be the shit
Poster 2 - Yeah to bad Chip left us
Poster 1 - Yeah R.I.P. GB 2001-2005
by GB ANON November 23, 2008
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Used to be an awesome site but now has idiots as the staff and too many little 12 year old pre-pubescent kids running around screaming "MLG!" and "YOU'RE A RANDOM!"
Look at the GlBBS kid, he is such random, and I is so EM EL GEE at Gamebattles.
by Lolerskaters123554 June 30, 2009
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GameBattles, part of the Major League Gaming (MLG) network, is the largest online destination for competitive console and PC gaming. Featuring tournaments, leagues, ladders, forums and more for all of the latest and hottest titles, GameBattles is home to more than 9 million registered gamers worldwide and more than 16 million teams looking to compete in their favorite Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PC, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS and Vita games. Recognized as a world leader in online gaming competition, GameBattles leads the online gaming space in engagement with more than 18 minutes spent on site per session (Comscore), five times the industry average. In addition to competition, the site hosts heavily trafficked forums with more than 42 million posts,video game news, reviews, previews and media with a focus on online multiplayer games and community-based content.
by MLGIlir March 18, 2015
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In 2007 when Call of Duty came out it was a great way to spend extra time with friends. As summer of 08' approached and MLG, both the ladders, the forums, and everything were infest by 13-14 year old kids with no respect or loyalty.
Bogi Boss, yeah he was a legend on Gamebattles.
by GibbsGibbsGibbsGibbs July 05, 2009
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a website for homosexual hipsters who think they are the shit at call of duty. their names usually consist of a slightly sophisticated word (i.e oriqinal). Also they may contain unnecessary z's or s's (cloudz) and have lower case q's for g's. they are 13-17(fact). use a lot of gay forum sites and talk to people that are older than them on xbox. mainly faggy white kids with long skater style hair who think new faggity dubstep music is the best music and make fun of mexican people on xbox who like rap.
game battles homo: hey bro i just posted a doubles on gb.
game battles homo 2: i don't know if i can play my dads coming home soon so i'm probably have to suck his d!ck
game battles homo: this kids hella gay im just going to dispute the match
game battles homo 2: ohh did u hear that new deadmua5(pronounced dead-maow-FIVE) song
game battles homo: omg yeah bro sick drop!!! ohh and do u need some help with your dad
game battles homo 2: yeah bro i get balls u get shaft, if u want we could switch.
by wazamoufdo September 08, 2011
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