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A girls name. They are very shy towards others at first but when they get to know someone they would say anything.

( Pronounced CASS-TEE-YUHH )

Boys think this girl is cute but a relationship may be hard with her because she is not very outgoing and can be very mean.

This girl loves music and wants to be something big; This girl also is very book smart but now very street smart and loves to show off her smarts to the world.

This Girls best assets are her skinny body and her huge popping eyes.

You may think you are very good friends with this girl but after a awhile you may spreed apart more and more over time.
"I wish I was as skinny as that girl!"
"Are you talking about Castilla?"

"That girl at the party is so shy!"
"You must mean Castilla"
by Chelsea9299 November 05, 2011
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