Gaja is a wonderful person. She is always there for you when you need her. She is full of information and you can always rely on her. She is really intelligent and she will never let you down. She is the best girlfriend you can possibly get. Great kisser and hugger. Once you meet her your life will change completely. You can be proud to meet such an amazing person.
Person 1: "Did you see Gaja today?"
Person 2: "I did, she's gorgeous isn't she?"
Person 1: "Hell yea she is"
by Potomoto December 31, 2019
Gaja is a name that was given to the greek goodes of the Earth and beauty.
Gaja is a really beautyful, smart and confident person. She is trying to change the world but she can sometimes apear a bit wild or mysteryous.
I saw a stunning girl at a party...She looked like a Gaja.
by SarahJ11234 February 28, 2016
a word to describe someone uglier than ugly.
Jake: Dude look at that girl.
Kevin: She's so Gaja.
by AwkwardWitch(BNE) March 17, 2022
marijuana, weed, grass and other intoxicants
by Bala April 13, 2005
1:"Fashion" vampire
2:Normal person who just plays dress-up
She won't go to the blood bar with me. She's such a gaja.
by Daegonna March 17, 2007