the lead singer from depeche mode. a man who isn't afraid to wear makeup or to shake his ass on stage in front of thousand of fans. once known as only lead singer now known as song writer. in the 90's he looked like a gothic jesus. he was also very hyped up on drugs too. now he is just a vampire like the rest of the band.
spanishsalsa88: jesus bit me!!!!
DepecheModeGirl5: thats not jesus. its only dave gahan. damn your lucky.
spanishsalsa88: why am i lucky?
DepecheModeGirl5: you are a choosen one now.
spanishsalsa88: oooooooooookay. lucky me i guess....
by martin gore's girlfriend August 4, 2005
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A sexy white man who has tattoos that sings for Depeche Mode
I love Dave Gahan, his singing is like no other.
by jenaveve13 July 29, 2009
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Mostly known as Dave Gahan, lead singer and co-songwriter of Depeche Mode (or DM), one of the greatest bands ever.

Dave Gahan
Depeche Mode lead singer/co-songwriter
Personal Jesus
Sexy Man
Depeche Mode
David Gahan is also known as Dave Gahan, but I personally love the name David the most. But a David by any other name is still Dave Gahan.
by Stella Luna January 23, 2006
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Ava gahan is a girl with a pink cutesy girly room she goes asleep at 10 o clock and wakes up at 9 to do schoolwork , gym,everything her mam asks and to not snap me back she has an American accent and has brandy Melville clothes (loser) she is flatter than a pancake but still gorgeous she lives off of noodles. Her hobbies include: sending streaks with the date on it , ignoring everyone snapping her , being a lickarse angel, studdying , thinking Harry styles and Ian sommerholder are “ugly” and being a loser :p lowk highk hate her but it’s ok xx also she is lesbian.
Kelly:“Hey look at that girl running to class so she will be there 5 minutes early!”
Me: “oh no it’s that freak Ava gahan again”
by Muffinlover12345 April 17, 2020
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A Gahan is a synonym for idiot or ignorant.

Sometimes it is also used by politicians to refer to their own supporters.
We ruined our country, but the Gahan will still vote for us.
by Politika Mohican August 3, 2021
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