A handsome, yet funny guy who will always cheer you up no matter ,like he's such a fun person.He cares and looks out for his friends in time of need. He's a great artist .Like Leonardo Da Vinchi WHO? He may not show his inner feelings but when he does it will light up the room of everyone near by and his smile OH MY GOD !! and his LAUGH!!!Oooo. You don't know what a great person he is til you met him.
by Grandma rosa March 13, 2018
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A handsome, yet kind of funny guy, and if he's your friend he will always cheer you up and look out for you no matter what. He's such a fun person too, he could get annoying or maybe mean at times but usually only to people who act that way towards him. He's usually either a great soccer player of perfect for acting. He is usually very athletic too. He may not show his inner feelings a lot, but when he does it will light up everyone around and he's just so perfect. His smile is great and his laugh is amazing it just makes you laugh. You honestly do not know Gael until he trusts you and you get to meet the perfect person.
I use to think Gael was weird or annoying, but now I know him and I can't believe how perfect he is.
by BangerNarp270 May 5, 2019
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Godly man with a big dick he knows how to joke and is popular
I wish I could be like Gael.
by Jug, k hug Luke ug June 23, 2017
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The most amazing boy you will ever meet. He’s honest, fun and smart. He makes your world turn upside down every time he looks into your eyes. He can be annoying sometimes and mean at times. He hides his feelings a lot. He’s very athletic and handsome. He makes you the luckiest girl for being with him. There’s no one in the world like him.
by Scarlettbaby January 9, 2018
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Man, my kid is a gael
by La tia loca November 17, 2017
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Really Hot,Handsome,and Strong, Always Has the Hottest of all Girlfriends,He has Sex with the hottest girls with the biggest Bootys and Biggest boobs, Is really Funny,Is really Popular,is really good at sports Especially Soccer and football,always good in the bed,Sometimes is annoying,absolute player
by mmmmmBoiii April 24, 2018
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A Celt from Ireland, Scotland and the Isle of Man. Descendant of the ancient Gallaeci Celts of Galicia, N.W. Spain and N. Portugal.
A Goidelic (Q-CELTIC) Celt.
The Irish, Scots and Manxs are all Gaels.
by GalaicoWarrior September 4, 2007
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