Gacha heat is mostly for 13+ but we cant ignore the fact that gacha heat is bad for people and i would most likely go insane if I see one!
Me:*Sees gacha heat on tiktok FYP*
Me:"omg I wish there was a dislike button
by 911whatsyoureemergency? November 13, 2020
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Gacha Heat is a gross, sexual, thing that SOME gacha kids do. (not all of them are kids, but 99.9% are.)
Kid: I'm in gacha heat! uwu
Other people: Get em
by Forf (youtube) September 22, 2020
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A disguising way use use Gacha Life, Studio, Verse, or Club. Where a red shadow covers the characters face while wearing skin toned clothing, then having an inappropriate audio play while you watch the too characters do disguising motions.
I watched Gacha Heat today and now I'm terrified.
by Bloody_Boi February 13, 2021
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Some cringe shit made by 8-11 year olds in the gacha community trying to be cool and quirky. Usually kids grow out of this if their parents actually care about them
Gacha kid: *makes gacha heat* uwu I'm so quirky
everyone over the age of 12: *cringing*
by nothankyouokbye January 21, 2021
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Gacha Heat is when one person has heat and the other is horny as shit, the two have sex some might be rape.
Person #1: here is my youtube channel.
Person #2: thanks????
Person #2 watches the channel and realizes there is Gacha Heat.
Person #2: we are not friends anymore
by Shaekstinks March 31, 2021
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Nasty Stuff you don't wanna see if you see it report it immediately and/or bring it in for R/gachalifecringe
Gacha heat uwu femboy: P-Papi...I'm in heat... (God i am gonna regret typing that in...)

Me: *Dials Gacha FBI*

Gacha FBI: Hello?

Me: Officer... Right there! *Points to the gacha heat thing and shows the FBI*

Gacha FBI: FBI!! OPEN UP!!


Gacha FBI: *Bust in*
by Ishipkamijirou December 13, 2020
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Pornography made using the app 'Gacha Life', a 'game' played by little kids. Gacha Heat most of the time will have 2 people being extremely horny and HORRIBLE attempts at making a "sex scene". They also have the people in same skin clothes, or "Naked".
Horny 10 year old: Hey! Do you want to watch some Gacha Heat?
His girlfriend: I'm breaking up with you, because it's porn. You are too fucking young.
by jrStudiosofficial May 29, 2022
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