A gacha kid is a child that plays gacha life and makes pornagaphic, and usually offensive content. They usually fake depression.
Damn I like her but she's a gacha kid so she's super irresponsible
by Doggo! May 21, 2020
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An insult used when talking about, or to, bratty, little children
The gacha kids are at it again with the spray paint.
by vdiohfbt4kwjro February 10, 2021
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Someone with an extra chromosome. They usually end up making something so unbelievably stupid and cringe worthy it has its own subreddit: R/GachaCringe.
“Hey man you ever heard about gacha kids?”
“You mean someone with an extra chromosome?”
by Enclave. July 20, 2021
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the best kind of people to beat to death with a lead pipe
"im going to the adoption center to beat up gacha kids"
by Joe Ligmaballer May 6, 2022
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those edgy little fuckers who think black people are weird just by looking at their skin
Commander: Open Fire!
Soldier: But they're kids sir!
Commander: so!? they're gacha kids who the fuck gives a shit?!
by BreadTaken January 11, 2021
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gacha kid is basically a nickname or a stereotype to some cringey kids doing inappropriate content but they are not in the community any more so don't make fun on a gacha tuber because not the whole community is cringe it is 90% normal and the 10% is the cringe kids also cringe kids make non-beautiful ocs and some times they fake depression and they do a thing called gacha heat which i was saying in the start and the character in the gacha heat videos are edgy bad boy which is a giant human that has dog ears in their hair and finally the UwU cats which is a one color human with cat ears in the hair and btw the UwU cat is gay and small and they turn into black demons when you disagree or annoy it
so please if your a gacha kid doing gacha heat please stop you are just embarrassing your self
by @stoopy December 20, 2021
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some of them are fine yknow, some of them make beautiful edits but lets not forget some others.. ik there are the DePpReSsEd ones and the brats and lets definitely not forget the gacha heats, but we need a tiny bit more support because us gacha creators are getting crushed by hate comments because they stereotype us as those awful 3. idc actually if you dislike this, i'm just getting my point through
"hey are you a gacha kids?"
"oh, yeah! i am, would you like to see my youtube channel? it's got 5k subs!"
"ew no! your probably one of those gacha deppressed!, or even worse, a gacha heat!!"
"what no! i do gacha edits, i don't like that type of stuff!"
by Xalexis_dreamsX December 2, 2021
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