A girl who is extremely beautiful, funny, kind and has a big heart. She may seem like she has a hard shell on the outside, but on the inside she's soft and warm. Gable is a beautiful human being, with the most kissable cheeks (because of her adorable dimples), the most beautiful eyes and the biggest, brightest smile. She knows just how to make you laugh when you're feeling down. She always has the right thing to say and knows how to make you smile. Gable is a girl who is so much fun, a little wild, and is always up for an adventure. She is truly an amazing person. If you're dating a gable, don't ever let her go. Marry that girl.
Gable is so beautiful. Just look at her.

I'm in love with gable.
by xoxlovexox February 28, 2017
The oracle of awesomeness. Word used to describe something that on a scale of cool rated 1-10, gable would rate an 11...
by Chuck Norriss October 24, 2007
His name is Gable. That is so cool.
by rayallen12 April 27, 2012
The two seater table in the corner at your local fastfood joint...
"Check out those two sitting at the gable, don't look now- but one of 'em is looking our way!"
by Chester Choda April 8, 2003
a small terd that appears alone on a sidewalk.
Look out dude you almost stepped in that Gable.
by korbkd May 24, 2008
verb, a slang term used to describe someone who through excessive force unintentionally breaks something.
by B.G.H. September 15, 2005