GOT YO ASS! The act of making someone look stupid, or proving them wrong.
DAVE: Dan, are you gay?
DAN: No..
DAVE: Why are you kissing a guy in this picture?
DAN: ....
CHRIS: You just got GYA'd dan!
by odleadstocker June 3, 2007
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A GYA - Grossly Yobbish Arsehole is the type of person who would scare girls for fun in the middle of the night, and then refuse to apologise.
that website was very scary, u horrible gya
by Josh235 October 5, 2006
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Girlfriend Your Age Syndrome.

A most common disorder found on human adult males. It is caused if the patient is in a long term relationship with a female of roughly the same age, give or take 7 years.
"He wanted to go to Munich for Christmas, she wanted to go to Paris, finally they settled somewhere in the middle, they are going to Paris."

-GYAS problems
by Sácri July 24, 2012
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What someone says when they are bda at spelling.
USER1: OK Back.
USER2: You are gya!
by UsernameCart147 June 7, 2021
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A Ghanaian term used to describe sexual intercourse. it may also be used to describe the act of speaking one's mind freely without fear of censure.
by aygakosah October 18, 2017
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People who act gay but really aren't, for attention and end up being a douche.
Look at Lance grabbing Nick's butt for attention, he must be one of those Gya People.
by Jake Scott July 31, 2006
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