giggles to self

much like "lol" but more honest
*someone's facebook status* "is poking you with a spork"
*comments* "ouch, stop that g.t.s."
by arrgsblarrg April 29, 2011
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buy the domain for your diy blog
Grab the sack.

When a girl likes a guy and their just standing around waiting for someone to make the move. The girl GTS the guy.
Guy: "me and julia were just standing there and she GTS'd me!"
by roseblossum October 30, 2011
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Get The Shot/Got The Shot. Used to define any point when someone is attempting a trick or act for a camera, especially in action sports, skateboarding, skiing, snowboarding etc..
"I saw that nine from the top and it looked baller. Did you GTS?"
by Blake Kimmel March 16, 2008
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Acronym for Gogita Typing Syndrome, the chat disorder coined by and named after SS4Gogita. Someone who has GTS will frequently type too fast and spell stuff wrong, usually resulting in hilarious typos. Whenever such a typo occurs it is usually followed by "GTS smacked you up!"
<randomuser> wow so liek ii'm gonna go paly metriod pine
<SS4Gogita> GTS smacked you up!
by Gorillaz87 September 21, 2003
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"i got a text and it was kinda funny but i couldn't lol cause i was in public so i gts"

"good one...gts"
by isaythequestionspplthink August 21, 2009
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Go To Sleep , Going To Sleep
used in text and i/m's
I Think I'm About To Gts Good Night.
I'm Gts On Myself
The Moon Is Up So Gts !
by NotOnThatStuff January 30, 2011
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