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A friend and fellow cannabis grower. ;
A homie whom grows cannabis.

Picked this word up from a GROmie...
How is the new strain GROmie?
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by PurpleIndoorTomatoes September 06, 2018
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Pronounced "grow-me" is a hybrid or combination-word used to define particularly black friends or fellow gang members.

Literally, it is a cross between the words negro and homie

In maths; negro + homie = gromie
Shit son, get your gromie-ass over here and help me bust up this muthafucka

Yo fellow gromie, hows it hanging? Low, I expect, due to our stereotypical massive penises

Omg it's mr T, WASSUP GROMIE?!
by iamthesocklord July 21, 2010
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