swaggiest and s3x13st kpop group alive and they're not dry unlike ur favs!! they're jyp's best bg and income even though they don't get promotions.

member breakdown:

JB- leader; sexiest man in the world; gay for jinyoung; hates jyp af; the original alt kid

Mark- oldest member but looks the youngest; probably has at one point beat up every single member; one day we will save you from aegyo mark hold tight

Jackson- jackson wang from china; "wild and sexy" asf; probably pan; has a crush on jinyoung

Jinyoung- mother of got7; is openly gay when it comes to jb and jackson and mark too; gives off conservative vibes for some reason (i think it's the tucked in pants); hates yugyeom af

Youngjae- sunshine; cute asf and had a glowup af; has touched all of got7's tiddies; looks like an otter; main vocal and 2nd best vocal in korea

BamBam- young and rich (vv rich his fam owns 50 restaurants mm); was forced to do aegyo for the first few years of got7; one of the funniest members tbh; probably runs a mafia in thailand; double b ig; sexy mf

Yugyeom- the youngest; main dancer and one of the top 5 dancers in korea; extremely tall; the rich boy's bestie; is constantly in danger of jinyoung; was forced to talk in high pitch for years for the "cute" image but is acc kinda sexc; chris brown fan ...
"Have you heard of that swaggy kpop group?"
"Yeah it's Got7 asf."
by swag monster asf December 28, 2020
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