A South Korean rock band, and the first ever band created by JYP Entertainment. The band has mysteriously never made even one bad song, as they somehow only create bops.

Legend has it, the band is made up of a sweg chicken, a drum, Bob the Builder, one peel, and a not-Brian.

They have the ability to steal your heart and bless your ears all at once, all while being the human embodiment of meme energy.

Their fandom name is “MyDay
Person 1: hey, what’s your favorite band?

Person 2: Day6, the meme team of K-pop.
Person 1: wait, aren’t they also the kings of K-rock?

Person 2: YES. They do it all.
by How You Dowoon? October 4, 2019
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Kpop band made up of 5 members

Jae the guitarist

Dowoon the drummer and youngest

Youngk the bassist

Sungjin the leader

Wonpil the keyboardist

The fans are called Mydays

Under the company JYP
“Who are day6

Kings. Great group.”
by FullShine September 29, 2019
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by Day6 November 24, 2021
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The totally nerds but loveable kiddos I've fallen for from JYP Entertainment, also known as the first band JYP has debuted. They have completely messed my life and now I cry over DAY6 at least a time every fifteen seconds because they're too cute and too can you not. And they use sarcasm in their tiltle song and in everything.
Have you seen the completely and absolutely amazing and incredible DAY6 debut? Because you should.

I've been liking DAY6 too much, I forgot to stan even *first bias group*

Shit, I've landed on DAY6... seems like I can't go back.
by i did land on DAY6. October 21, 2015
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Korean rock band consist with 5 members Sungjin, Jae, Young K, Wonpil and Dowoon. They debut last September 7th 2015 under JYP Entertainment.

THE KOREAN GROUP THAT YOU SHOULD STAN - they play instruments including electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass, piano, synth, and drum. they never had and will never have bad and nonsense songs (best discography). they self write, compose and produce their own songs (and some are for the other artist). they are also good dancers lol sungjin is the main dancer. you should listen to their song NOW!!!
Day6 songs are so good and overwhelming. People shouldn't sleep on them.
by everyday6 October 16, 2020
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a lovable korean rock group with 5 (used to be 6) amazingly talented boys.

we have jae, the half american-half korean. he's a talented singer and guitarist who makes people's hearts melt when he sings. a beautiful individual.

we have sungjin, a funny, beautiful boy. he's also a guitarist with a really stable, sometimes raspy voice. he loves making the other boys laugh.

we have young k (also known as brian). the bassist who can sing and rap. he loves teasing the othes and can be a brat at times

we have wonpil, an amazing pianist with a amazing and suiting voice. he's very puppy-like and loves attention. he's a beautiful, precious boy who deserves all the love in the world

and we have dowoon. the drum. he's a literal drum. he doesn't sing anything other than low pitched backup vocals, but he's amazing at drumming and making the others happy with his presence
"stan day6, theyre great" - elon musk, 2018
by WheezingPotatoe July 7, 2018
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simply, stan day6
stan day6 bro
by kpopism August 29, 2022
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