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underrated bg
people are sleeping on got7 while they’re so talented
Me: Who is the most underrated and talented bg in the world?
JYP: Definitely GOT7!
by ahgamixer August 16, 2020

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one of the best and biggest kpop bg in the world
they’re talented, humble, funny and respectful

a shame that the world is sleeping on them
they have the most loyal and funniest fanbase

their only problem is their label jype they mistreat them.
they can’t:

-Promote GOT7 the way they should be promoted
-Release pre-recorded videos with eng subs
-Update on endorsements and solo activities
-Put GOT7's albums on Amazon
-Make the preorder period longer

-Add eng trans to announcements
Me: who’s the group you hate the most?
JYP(e): no one!
Me: what about GOT7
JYP(e): who’s that???
by ahgamixer August 16, 2020

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