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Get On My Fucking Level. A term used to boast or smack talk. If you beat someone you could say GOMFL
gangsta, "bruh i killed yo bitch GOMFL nigga, GOMFL"
by LadyKilla6969 March 07, 2011
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Abbreviation for 'Get on my fucking level.'

Used everywhere and anywhere. You will sometimes hear someone saying GOMFL in online gaming to tease and annoy their opponents.
Sometimes wee annoying shits say it randomly to start conversation or to piss cunts off.
gamer 1 - ''dude fucking stop killing me you dumbass noobtoobing faggot!''

gamer 2 - ''just GOMFL''

Ross - ''Hi''
Callum - ''GOMFL''
Ross - ''you GOMFL''
Callum - ''I'm already past your level''
Ross - ''don't want to be on your level, 10th prestige is sad as fuck''
Callum - ''Get on my fucking level''
Ross - ''nahh''
Callum - ''I'm going to fucking kill you''
Callum - ''you are dead to me''
Ross - ''GOMFL''
Callum - ''Stealing my patter''
by GOMFL!!! May 16, 2011
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