Gives Me Hope

It's like an FML, but way less depressing, and gives people a sense of hope for humanity.
Today, I lost my virginity. I'm an avid WoW player and spend most of my time on Digg.com. GMH
by fattehboi May 31, 2009
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It means "gives me hope", it's used in a sense when something happens and it makes you feel uplifted or happy inside... something that keeps you going with a smile on your face
Today an 8 year old died in a fire. He was going back to save his 17 month old baby sister. The courage of this little boy GMH
by North_West_South_East February 14, 2017
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"get me hip"
to update somebody on something they missed
1. girl: im finna go talk to krissy

boy: iight gmh on what she say
by Krissy M January 25, 2014
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