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Slang and the abbreviation for the organization known as "Group Masturbation For Life", but the abbreviation can also mean "Group Masturbator For Life". Anybody can become a member of GMFL without any prerequisites, you don't even need to participate in GMFL.

If you do however, you get into an exclusive spot. TGMFL, AKA "True Group Masturbator For Life".

GMFL can be pronounced in verbal conversation as:
"Group Masturbation For Life"
"Gee Em Eff Ell"

The GMFL club was started by several kids attending Kildonan East Collegiate in Winnipeg, Manitoba and has swept accross Canada through long-distance friends. Merchandise such as shirts and stickers, and even a facebook group have been made.
"Dude, I've decided to join GMFL."

"I was at Matt's place last night with Evan and we GMFL'd hard."

"Man I really want to GMFL."
by BiPolarPedoBear September 10, 2009
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'Geese Mate For Life'. This phrase reflects that eternal love is symbolized by two geese.
1. Some people sign their love letters with GMFL

2. Some couples have GMFL engraved on the inside of their rings
by GooseLover November 02, 2012
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"Hey Chris Webby will you Live GMFL with me this summer vaca?"
by #JazzieJen June 19, 2018
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