(Sometimes "Glibbertarian") From GLIB + libERTARIAN. A well-off or self-made individual who offers easy nostrums for complicated social and economic problems, usually centered around such premises as "A government program never helped anyone," or "Government is the cause of, not the answer to, America's problems."

A glibertarian response is frequently preceded by "Oh, just let this happen" or "Oh, all we need to do is . . . " Sometimes these statements elucidate libertarian principles, if a bit superficially, but more often invoke knee-jerk responses that offer snappy, painless solutions from anything but government.
"We have to get manufacturing back into this country."

"Oh, just let the magic of the market take care of that."

"What are we to do about illegal immigration?"

"Oh, all we need to do is get these folks onto a market-driven salary and off all these government programs like public schools and health care."

sarcastically: "Where on earth did you get all these wonderful solutions?"

"Oh, I'm a self-made man."

Original speaker sotto voce "A Glibertarian worships his own maker."
by al-in-chgo March 3, 2011
A Glibertarian is a glib libertarian
Glibertarian: sex, drugs, guns, endless wars
by karlol April 16, 2008
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A glibertarian is literally a glib, i.e. unserious, libertarian, which is redundant, as libertarians are, fundamentally, anarchists. Individuals who self-identify as "glibertarians" are akin to the Trumpists who proudly call themselves "deplorables." In fact, most glibertarians are aligned not with the political left but with the lawless, Trumpist right. Glibertarians have largely abandoned standard libertarianism for a more radical and extremist far-right ideology with Trump as their standard-bearer.
Glibertarians have a strong love of liberty and don’t fit well in the usual Left-Right political and social dichotomy. Our philosophies range from anarcho-capitalism to established mixed economies. Some of us believe in completely open borders and some don’t. We have pro-lifers sharing space with pro-choicers. Religious rubbing elbows with atheists. In other words, we have no consistent, objective philosophy. We're glib!
by Nano Man April 22, 2022
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