can easily carry or mingle himself or herself to low class, mid-class or high class society.
That poor girl Mayra can do rubbing elbows with the elite girls in our university.
She's rubbing elbows with the less fortunate just to get the attention of the media even though She hates the poor.
by mike79 August 5, 2009
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To mix or socialize closely.
Tonight is your chance to rub elbows with the world's most famous zoologists.
by DGirard July 5, 2005
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To meet somebody and hang out with them
Dude 1: “When are we gonna rub elbows next time?”
Dude 2: “Whenever you want dude”
by 24/7 July 28, 2018
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How lesbian(sic)sex is portrayed in straight male porn.
Elbow rubbing exist because;
a) men have no idea how real lesbians have sex;
b) men cant deal with the reality of full on lesbian sex.
this porno sucks, its just elbow rubbing
by boggy June 4, 2003
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